20 Best Websites to Hire Ruby Developers in 2021

It is hard to find a team of talented Ruby developers to make the application unique and competitive. If you intend to hire Ruby developers, you need to find a place where you can choose among others. This article describes 20 top websites to find the best RoR programmers for your project.

We do not take into consideration various websites of particular companies offering to hire Ruby on Rails developers. It goes only about portals with a wide choice of professionals with any level and additional skills.

How to Find the Right Ruby on Rails Developer
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How to Find the Right Ruby on Rails Developer

First, let us clarify the purposes of hiring new specialists in your team. Before you hire Ruby developers, you need to decide why you need them. Goals may vary, but mainly they can divide into several categories:

  1. Develop web application (SPA, Single page application)
  2. Develop and support mobile application
  3. Migrate app data
  4. Fix current problems: upgrade RoR version, and so on

Basing on this information, here are three nominal types of RoR specialists you might require: in-house coders, freelancers, and a team or company of Ruby professionals. Each of these types has its website type where it can be present.

Hire In-House Ruby on Rails Developers

These are full-time Ruby programmers working in your office with your company only. You may easily manage them, reach out, and communicate without any delays. Websites suitable for this type of collaboration are usually large work job search portals.

1. Indeed

Indeed was launched to develop contacts between customers and developers all over the world. This website collects job listings from smaller websites providing thousands of CVs and job positions. You can have a premium job posting and resume features for an extra fee.

2. Google for jobs

Google search system crawls job postings across the whole web and brings them to the Google For Jobs department. Then, it shows job proposals to potential job seekers in the search feed itself. Quite a remarkable way to reach out to your potential employee earlier than others will do.

3. LinkedIn

The world’s professional’s platform, LinkedIn was developed for social networking but soon became a prominent instrument for recruiters. First, it collects job proposals into a huge database. Second, you may use its ads to aim at your target audience. Third, there are many professional communities to hire Ruby on Rails developer in your team.

4. TechFetch

Techfetch is a global technology job portal based in the SA and made for IT companies. The keyword here is 30 seconds in which anyone can find the best fitting CVs for a job or project position. Such an approach may significantly fasten your recruiting processes.

5. GitHub jobs

GitHub is a world-famous portal that every developer knows about. But there are much fewer people who are aware of its Jobs section. Yes, you may find high-qualified Ruby on Rails developer on this website with a high probability.

6. Stack Overflow Jobs

The other largest developers community of the tech world, Stack Overflow proposes similar services: hire Ruby developer among those who are present on the website. You may connect with remote programmers as well as search for the ones within your area.

7. CyberCoders

As seen from the name, CyberCoders is an online portal where coders present. Whether you wish to post your offer or look through high-quality specialists, you may try it here. The website creators promise access to more than 40 million potential candidates, among which you’ll find and hire Ruby on Rails developers.

8. Rockstar Coders

Like CyberCoders, the Rockstar Coders service offers to hire Ruby developers of all kinds with no interest in other occupations. They even have a separate page for RoR devs promising to connect you with the specialists that match you 100 percent.

9. Jooble

Jooble is another job board collecting proposals from all over the world. It has its algorithms crawling through the Internet to find the enormous amount of job proposals – all to save your time for the search in different web directions.

10. Angel

Angel is one of the largest websites made for startups all over the world. Besides common information about many companies (including raised money, investors, and growth tempo), many people search and find workplaces on this portal. And Ruby devs are not an exception.

Hire Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers
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Hire Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers

Ruby freelance programmers are cheaper than others; you may hire them both for short-time projects or a long-lasting collaboration. Disadvantages of such a business relationship are uncertainty in results and a long process of finding the right person. Otherwise, the company with freelance rails developer in its team may win the race because of the efficient funds’ allocation.

11. Freelancer

One of the most recognizable freelance websites in the world, Freelancer has a name that’s easy to remember. It has a large base of RoR performers. However, a large number of applications can deter you from searching for the one and only Ruby on Rails freelancer for a project.

12. Upwork

If you somehow didn’t like to work with Freelancer, Upwork is another worldwide marketplace where you can build long term relationship with a freelance Ruby developer. Its big database includes Ruby coders that you may ask to join your project. 

13. Toptal

Unlike other freelance markets, Toptal claims there are only the best of the best software developers in its base. The company has a several-stage process of specialists’ registration and contains the best options to hire freelance Ruby on Rails developer. However, its services cost more than other platforms.

14. Fiverr

Fiverr is a traditional online marketplace to connect buyers and customers for developing business relationships. It may be cheaper than other platforms, and it is a perfect solution for companies working with the limited budget.

Hire Ruby on Rails Development Teams and Companies
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Hire Ruby on Rails Development Teams and Companies

Unlike separate specialists, Ruby development teams and companies act as your partners, providing you with a high-class performance. You don’t need to build a business relationship with every team member or work hard to make him or her part of your team. Instead, you get the whole company section at once, ready to start working on your project.

15. OnBench

OnBench is the top service to quickly reach development teams or hire dedicated developers of all kinds, including RoR coders. You may search among hundreds of outsourcing specialists, choosing their stacks, levels, location, or even language knowledge. Or you may post a project requiring the whole RoR developer team and get proposals from others to collaborate. The system is free to use even without registration and has the German version.

16. Clutch

Clutch is one of the most recognizable websites when it goes about hiring development companies. It has a convenient database allowing you to search the companies by employee number, location, budget, rates, or industries. Here, you may find Ruby development companies having appropriate programmers for you.

17. Goodfirms

Goodfirms is another fabulous catalog of development companies famous around the globe. Unlike Clutch, it has more categories to search in, like Game Development, but Ruby on Rails companies and dev teams are present here too.

Ruby on Rails Communities and Niche Websites
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Ruby on Rails Communities and Niche Websites

Besides common marketplaces and websites for development team search, there are many zones on the Internet where Ruby on Rails developers interact with each other. Here are the most popular ones.

18. Ruby Now

Ruby Now is a small but noticeable Ruby on Rails job market for this type of developers only. Therefore, if you search for programmers in this niche, visit it not to waste the opportunity. Besides their free posting option, the premium one is cheap in comparison with larger websites.

19. Ruby on Rails Jobs

Ruby on Rails Jobs is another opportunity to find a qualified RoR programmer on the Internet. Your job position, posted on this website, is shown on the popular social media channels attracting new Ruby coders.

20. Railsjobs

Railsjobs is a German website with low traffic. Besides, it fulfills its goal and allows to post job offers for Ruby on Rails developers (mainly in Germany). Therefore, it is another chance to hire a qualified professional in your team – especially if you’re from the DACH region.

Summary. 4 Companies Worth Searching for Ruby Engineers Right Now

  • Indeed – if you search for an in-house specialist for a long time to work with
  • Freelancer – if you’re in search of a short-time professional for a small project
  • OnBench – if you would like to hire Ruby developers team or find particular programmers you need in the quickest way
  • Ruby Now – if you search for Ruby devs only

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