How To Increase Chances To Get More Customers On OnBench

Stand out of competitors to rent a developer team on OnBench

In an ideal world, any supplier wanting to rent a developer would win all the trophies on the OnBench platform. The customer enters only three parameters in the search (skills, level, number of employees) to hire team of yours. Boom, another order is in your pocket. 

But in the real world, other companies may appear in the search feed with you. If their employees are the same as yours by their skill characteristics, you lose your chances to win. So, how to make other companies choose you among other companies on OnBench?

Write Company Description

Hire various development teams on OnBench platform
The variety of companies on the OnBench platform 

To register on the Onbench platform, you need to add just ten characters to your company description. Such a rule creates companies with summaries like:

  • Consulting
  • Software development 
  • Web and mobile development 
  • C#, .Net, JS, React. 15 years of experience 

Or even 


*All these company descriptions are present on the OnBench website in real 

If you think customers choose supplying companies by their employees and not descriptions, you’re generally right. But whom will the customer choose, the anonymous company, or the one with some words about itself? Spend a couple of minutes and add some sentences to your description. 

  • The average description length on OnBench is around 600 symbols. Only four of them are visible before the customer clicks to learn more. That makes 400 characters. 
  • Add information on your skills, everyday tasks, location, and clients you work with. 
  • Don’t make large intervals between the rows in the beginning. You will lose the space that can attract customer’s attention. 
  • Start with top points on your company: what differs it from others. 

Change Company Alias

Dedicated offshore team registration | OnBench
Every time you may edit your profile alias by clicking Edit in your company profile 

When registering the company, you may create a unique alias for it. If you skip this option, OnBench will generate the link automatically. 

Your company appearance will not be affected by this part of URL unless you want your clients to remember it. If you plan to share your link with the potential clients, make it simple and understandable.


Company name: Python Software Developers Pvt Ltd 

Automatic alias: /pythonsoftwaredeveloperspvtltd 

More preferred alias: /pythondevs  

Verify Your Company

Offshore development team verification | OnBench
Such a small sign makes customers’ lives easier | OnBench 

Among all the possibilities to attract the customer, verification is the simplest one. All you need to do is to press the “Send for Review” button in your company profile. The OnBench Team will then check out whether your company exists in real. For that, we need such data: 

  • Website address 
  • Official company domain specified on the company website
  • Email domain of company representative matching with the company domain 

The rest of the data we find by ourselves. If there is no such data in the profile, our team will request it. 

With the verification badge, your company becomes a more trustworthy source. The customer doesn’t have to check all the information and goes to the next stage, the collaboration.

Add (And Activate) More Employees

Desired amount of members in a development team | OnBench search statistics
Search statistics: desired number of team members on OnBench 

Some companies wanting to rent a developer add only one employee for hire. Doing that, they miss plenty of opportunities. As you may see in our summer research, only 54% of companies search for one team member, and this number is decreasing. So, you kill two birds with one stone by adding several employees: 

  • The customers who search for more than two team members notice your company
  • Each added employee increases your chance of finding a potential client by new skill combination

Don’t forget to activate profiles you already have. When you don’t make them active, nobody sees them except for you. 

Specify Employee Data

Dev team employee search | OnBench
The whole field of the Employee Search in the OnBench Dashboard when you press the Advanced button 

The search on the OnBench main page is quite simple. You type one of the skills, choose the skill level, add more team members, and go hire team that suits you. 

But everything changes when you register and visit the Search tab in the Dashboard. The Advanced button makes the process more selective. With it, you choose rates, select additional skills, pick up languages the employee speaks, or even specify the area within you want to find dev team.

Therefore, those who don’t specify this information risk to be unseen. You’d better spend some time filling more than 1-2 employee skills. And don’t forget to add rates to rent a developer to your dream customer. 

Add Company Logo

Various software development teams | OnBench
Companies without logos look different, but not totally| OnBench

Companies with no logos look different on the OnBench website. Alas, it is not enough to stand out from the competitors. 

Think of the situation when some company wants to hire team and discovers many companies at a time. When the decision is made, the customer may associate your anonymous logo with any other company and mix you up with a competitor. 

Besides, the loaded profile picture increases the confidence that the company is trustworthy. At the same time, the company with no avatar raises the question: Could it be the potential fake account? Thus, spend another thirty seconds on the company photo to avoid such situations. 

Load Representative Foto

Hire web developers: start of the dialog | OnBench
The difference between profile with and without the picture | OnBench 

Imagine you want to hire team. If you had to choose between the exact person or an anonymous profile, whom would you work with? You know the difference, and so do the customers who communicate with the suppliers in the OnBench messenger. And by the suppliers, we mean representatives from the supplying companies who respond for the communication. 

You may think some tiny avatar is not a big deal if you want to rent a developer. That is true for almost all cases. When there are dozens of companies on OnBench with similar team members, every little thing counts. Even small profile avatars. 

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