IT Outsourcing Project On OnBench: Big Change For a Bigger Opportunity

OnBench has added the Projects feature. What is it, how to use the service now, and how can it help you to find new IT outsourcing teams?

How Can I Use Projects On OnBench?

As you may know, the OnBench Platform has two types of users: Customers and Suppliers.

Before Projects, we had the only algorithm on the website (here’s more about it):

  1. The Supplier adds the team and activates it. 
  2. The Customer searches the team on the website, finds it, and contacts the Supplier.

From now on, there is also another way of collaboration on the website.

  1. The Customer posts Project with all the requirements for the future team. 
  2. Suppliers apply for it. 
  3. The Customer chooses the most suitable team for the task and then contacts it. 

Therefore, Suppliers play a more active role with the teams, whereas Customers take charge of the situation with the IT outsourcing projects.

Is It The Same Feature That Freelance Websites Have?

Both yes and no. The principles are similar: one company posts the offer, others bid for it. The main difference is that OnBench remains the Team Search Service. As a result, it has two types of projects.

  • Fixed Price Projects.
    Regular offers with the description requiring teams.
    An example: 
    Our company searches for the software development team to work on the website. We need two senior Java developers and one web-designer for the next three months starting from 1 January.
    Main requirements: (list). Required skills: (list). 
Fixed Price Project Example OnBench
Fixed Price Project on OnBench – Example
  • Team-Based  (Time & Material) Projects.
    These are the offers aiming at a particular IT outsourcing team. They have employee cards, like the ones in the My Employees section. From this offer, it is easier to understand whether the Supplier has particular employees in the team. 
    An example: 
    I have founded a small startup. Now I seek web developers near me starting from 1 July. Main requirements: (list). Required skills: (list).

    [2 ios app developers for 4 months]
    [2 Android developers for 4 months]
    [1 project manager for 8 months]
    [1 web designer for 4 months]
Time & Material Project Example OnBench
Team Based (Time&Material) Project on OnBench – Example

Four Steps Of Using Projects On OnBench

  1. The Customer posts the project. The company posting the offer remains anonymous for all the future suppliers. The only data they see is the one specified in the project.
  2. Suppliers apply for the IT outsourcing project. They don’t know what company they speak to. Therefore, they cannot contact it directly. 
  3. Having found the right proposal, the Customer opens contact data to the preferrable team or company. 
  4. From now on, they may collaborate on their own without OnBench acting as a mediator. 
Search new projects on OnBench - search development teams and software developers
New Projects Search | OnBench

Is It Essential To Use Projects To Gain New Clients?

Actually, no.
Projects feature is just another way to find new business partners on the OnBench Platform. You may choose the Team Search strategy if it fully satisfies you.

What is The Pricing Of Projects Feature?

At the present moment, the project feature is absolutely free for both sides of the deal on OnBench. There is no fee for adding any IT outsourcing projects on the website or applying them.

What Else Should I Know?

Note that the more you write about your project or your team, the more chances you have to find new clients. The suppliers that use standard messages like “We have everyone you need please contact us” have quite a small chance of contacting everyone. So, write more on the subject and good luck to you.

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