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OnBench developer search statistics

The OnBench Developer Team Search has launched in June 2020. Now, we’d like to introduce the first search statistics based on 3982 search queries made on the platform this summer.

Some interesting facts: senior developers are more popular than others, .Net Core devs are the most desired developers on the platform, and Ukraine has taken the first place in the developer team search.

These statistics don’t represent the whole Internet. It bases on OnBench search queries made in summer 2020.

Seven Facts about the OnBench Developer Team Search

  • By September 1* there are 217 companies or developer teams registered on the platform with 309 outsourcing or outstaffing programmers
  • We can’t give the geographical statistics that grounds on our data. Most companies have at least two offices all over the world with no preference for a specific place
  • On average, one company adds 2 employees on the platform. One-third of the companies don’t create any employee profiles. Part of them acts as customers. Others wait for their developers get on the bench to add them to the website
  • The company representative can choose among the 2012 skills for the employers. Companies have added 407 of them to their employees’ profiles (1/5 of the whole amount)
  • Top 10 skills on the platform: JavaScript, React.js, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Java, MongoDB, jQuery, React Native
  • 48% of developers registered on the platform have the senior level of skills, 38% have the middle level
  • The highest experience level on the platform is 25 years. The most frequent one is four years

*All the data in this paragraph is given by September 1, 2020.

In What Countries Do People Search for a Developer Team

In What Countries Do People Search for a Developer Team
Countries that appear in the search feed on the OnBench website

Aiming at the German-speaking market, we would have expected Germany at the epicenter with other countries around it. Perhaps, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the picture. Most people search not by their country of origin but by the country where they can find offshore developers or developer teams.

Being one of the top outsourcing countries in the world, Ukraine takes the lead with 24.8% of searches. Belarus takes second place with 13.1%, Germany is third with 8.9%. The least searchable countries on the platform are the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and Slovenia. They had only one person in search per country.

What to do if your country is not on this list? Don’t be discouraged: you still have the chance to be noticed. First of all, other countries in the ‘Other’ column might contain your query. And yet on OnBench, you still appear in the feed when someone chooses another country – just lower than usual. In such way, the customer may pick up the particular developer team he or she wants even when it doesn’t exist nearby.

What Developers Are Popular for Hire in the World
Top 10 popular queries at the OnBench developer team search

.Net Core developers take first place leaving all the competitors far behind. They are present in 17% of search queries. But this highly demanded skill doesn’t even get to the TOP 10 of employee skills added on the platform. So do four other skills: ASP.Net, Xamarin, JavaScript, and Magento.

Java and .Net are second and third by the search popularity with 7 and 6 percent accordingly. People typed the vast majority of queries one or two times at all. Though, it is quite enough if you remember the fact that the platform had started to exist a couple of months ago.

You may think, if .Net Core is so popular here, the OnBench service is a platform dealing just with likely companies. Our thought, companies that work in a particular field with a lower chance of being discovered should register and add their employees anyway. There’s always a chance your client will find you in the ‘Other’ column.

Developer Team members

Developer Team members
Amount of developers in the developer team search results | OnBench

As you may see, the more developers the company adds to the platform, the more chances it has to appear in the search.

54% of companies search for a single developer on the website. Regarding OnBench is a platform for developer teams mostly, we think that this amount will decrease in the future. The rest of the chart, however, looks quite downbeat for those companies who add just one employee to see how the platform works. If you have decided to postpone it for later, remember that almost half of companies won’t see your employees in the feed.

We need to clarify that on OnBench, you have much more possibility than searching for five team members only. Indeed, you may choose no more than five different profiles in the search. But each profile may contain up to 100 similar specialists. That makes up to 500 professionals at once.

When Do Companies Search for a Developer Team on the Web

When Do Companies Search for a Developer Team on the Web
Search query time | OnBench Team Search Statistics

The working day of the regular person who searches for the developer team on our platform starts at 6 AM UTC+0 and finishes at 3 PM. Those companies that are interested in an immediate reaction to the messages or calls from potential customers should consider this information.

Besides, as you can see, there is also the possibility of contact with the other company at any time, even when it is late night all over Europe.

What Skill Level of Developers is the Most Popular
Skill level frequency in the searches at the OnBench platform

Everyone likes seniors as professional specialists ready to work from the start without mistakes or missed deadlines. Now we know it from the statistics. 68 percent of queries search for senior developers. But pay attention to the other part of the chart: these experience levels are required on the platform too. As a result, there’s always the chance someone will find your developers even when they don’t have the highest experience level.

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