Top Websites to Hire Part-Time Programmers for Your Project in 2021

It may seem inefficient to hire part-time programmers, but that is not always the case. Studies reveal that many employees don’t work much while getting paid at work. But if you set clear-cut goals for your part-time remote coder, you may be surprised what one dedicated part-timer can accomplish.

There are several advantages of hiring part-time programmers. The most common reason is that a startup cannot afford one full-time programmer. It costs less to pay for fewer hours of work, and a lean but productive workforce is essential for the people living close to the balance sheet. Also, you can afford to hire more experienced developers while paying for fewer working hours.

11 best websites to hire part-time programmers
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11 best websites to hire part-time programmers

Here’s everything you need to know before you make a choice. Explore a list of the top 11 websites where you can find part-time developers.

1. OnBench

OnBench is a perfect platform for companies or teams that want to rent their employees for a while. Here, customer companies can find and hire them for their projects.

OnBench offers the following advantages:

  • On the website, you may hire one developer or the whole team with various skills.
  • Besides many parameters, you may choose in the search whether you want a part-time or a full-time programmer.
  • When found the required employees, you communicate and make deals with the company, not with every developer. It saves a lot of time and increases the level of trust in the performer.
  • You may also post the project with your requirements for future programmers. On average, every project gets 10-20 responses before you hire the specialists you need.

You might consider OnBench when you require to hire coders of any background. This platform will assist you in associating with the best match part-time software developer for your project.

2. Toptal

Toptal is a young platform in comparison with big players out there. However, it has some of the most skilled part-time developers ready to work on your projects. This website is made for many more leading tasks, like building software or hiring a part-time software engineer specializing in custom software development. Each of them has to pass some tests to present on the platform. That is why Toptal ensures you it has the best performers of all.

3. Upwork

The good thing about the Upwork website is that you can be sure that most programmers are skilled enough to be on the platform as they go through a strict approval and verification process. It maintains the quality of applications, monitors jobs posted, and systematically hands out bans to both clients and sellers found in violation of its rules.

Part-time programmers can be hired on a contract basis or paid by the project. Primarily the platform is reliable and attracts experienced programmers with a wide range of skill sets.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is also one of the first platforms that accommodate experts from various fields like programmers, part-time web developers, Java programmers, designers, and more. It serves like a store where you walk in, say what you need to a super-smart sales rep, and all the products that match your requirements are shown — along with their price, quality ratings, estimated time, and so on. A great choice if you are looking to get a quick job done on a small budget.

5. People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour is a smaller website compared to giants like Freelancer or Upwork but in a positive way. If you are not satisfied with the well-known giants, the time has come to find part-time web developers in a new place. While services cost a little extra on average, this website claims to have a high reputation amongst businesses for delivering good quality work and among programmers for providing well-paying jobs.

6. Guru

Guru is a network composed of all sorts of experts. This site is very similar to freelancer platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. It is slightly smaller, but you can search the profiles of thousands of Gurus, set up projects, and pay for services with ease on the website. On this platform, evaluating and interviewing is up to the company.

7. Hired

Hired connects programmers with employers and gives them the option to hire local talent. The company practices the same rules as hundreds of other freelance websites. Developers can apply to features on the website and get evaluated on their skills. An algorithm will match your needs with available vetted part-time programmers and provide a list of possibilities. The typical time to hire here is 25 days from uploading the job.

8. Freelancer

Millions of small businesses use the Freelancer website to hire part-time programmers and expert professionals. From over 21 thousand categories, you can choose skilled web developers, Java programmers, designers, software developers, cloud programmers, marketers, remote coders, and all kinds of other freelance workers. Note that Freelancer can be somewhat bloated with spammers, but that does not take away its decency. It is still a reliable site to find talent for your project.

Developer Communities To Find Part-Time Programmers

Another great strategy to use is to get engaged in developer communities. There, you may discover the part-time programmer you need or someone who can recommend them to you.

9. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is one of the largest and most trusted online community for developers and part-time programmers. More than 50 million professional programmers visit the website to engage with other coders and find their next desired job. The website also has a job board where you can post job offer and show it directly to the relevant audience.

10. GitHub Jobs

GitHub is a great place to attract programmers for a company’s open software development projects. They have one of the largest developer groups that a company can use while hiring part-time remote coders or full-stack developers. 

For a small fee, posting a job description provides you insights into GitHub’s massive developer community.

11. LinkedIn

Everybody knows about LinkedIn, but not everyone knows about small developer communities on this website. In the website search, you may find either large developer groups (try to search such words as “outsourcing” or “developers”) or come to some small community containing just one stack you need (f. e., Java Developers, or PHP programmers). After having found, post your message and wait for the right people to answer.

Developer Communities To Find Part-Time Programmers
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Final Thoughts

There are many websites ready to provide various services. Therefore, it is rather hard to discover the best ways to hire a part-time programmer for your project.

If you’re looking for a matching service that can quickly connect you with companies providing free part-time programmers for a period, consider OnBench. They solve the problem of companies spending weeks waiting for the right developers to apply for their job post.

To hire all kinds of freelancers, look through freelancer websites (points 2-8). Besides their difference, they work similarly: you post the offer – you hire the part-time programmer – you pay him (or her).

For a long-time business relationship, try developer communities. They connect you with the top skilled long-working part-time programmers for your requirements.

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